O + M Dry Brush 13"

$ 40.00

We are on a mission to get you to take better care of yourself.  As part of our new self care mission we went on a hunt for the perfect dry brush.  We tried several and came to the agreement this was the best dry brush to get you into the routine of using it.  Once you do, we swear you'll be addicted. 

We realize that you can find less expensive brushes elsewhere ... we tried most of them and because we didn't love those brushes ending up not using them.  The day we tried this one we knew it was THE one for us.  Our goal is to get you to love and use the brush.  (Check our Instagram post from 6/11 for all the benefits dry brushing offers)

For best results we recommend using Every Day Oil along with your dry brush. (sold separately)

Each purchase includes instructions for proper use of your brush.